My name is Sean Kelly and I currently live in California, working for Apple, Inc. I was born in 1984 and graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a BS in Computer Science in 2006. In addition to working for Apple, I write a shareware text editor called skEdit. If you use OS X, try it out.

The main purpose of the site is to archive my thoughts – if other people find them interesting, that will be a plus. The content will likely fall into areas that interest me: software, movies, television, books, religion, and politics.

Please note that all opinions expressed here are my own, and have nothing to do with those of Apple, Inc.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Hunt Abbott Says:

    After reviewing the thread on Obama my gut instincts were ,more or less, confirmed. The man does fit the description of the AC.The United States is the most recent expression of the romance speaking nations. The biblical prophesies indicate that the one world leader will arise out of the fragmented descendants of the Roman Empire. After 2700 yrs the Jews have been restored to their homeland. The birth pangs referred to in Matthew 24 (NT), reveal all of the geographical,political and social conditions that would exist at the time before His return. We have been in the process of dickering between our loyalties to Israel and the Saud i’s. Bush has been using his position to close on the 7 year peace agreement known as the Oslo accord. This would be a good fit for Obama as he has ethnic ties ,by blood, to Islam. The current leadership in Israel have resisted signing on as it would be open season on the last parcel of land that they have. The EU has been very open about their intolerance of the “Jewish Question” I think ,based on years of research on the apocalypse, that we are conspicuously close to the signs set forth by many world religions. The world is crying out for a messiah,”Be he a man or a god”(EU) the world needs solidarity.
    The Lord Jesus Christ has given us ample warning,our hearts should testify that we fall woefully short and are capable of total world annihilation. Jesus,the Christ, hung in the balance for us,an atonement,redemption our final option. Man will choose for his own personal gain,as always and the grand finale the battle of Armageddon. The AC offers “false peace”, Jesus promises true peace and assurance of eternal life.
    Thank you for reviewing my opinion. Hunt

  2. Sean Kelly Says:

    Dude, I closed the comments on that thread because I was tired of baseless arguments. Please don’t spread them throughout the site.

  3. Steve Says:


    Hello, I’ll be brief, because I am sure that you are busy.

    I am compiling an EBook aimed at Software Developers to help them write code that is clean and maintainable.

    Basically I would like your permission to include the following blog article in my EBook. If it is OK, just email me your permission.


    You can also include your bio. About 250 words, email address, website address, blog link.

    You can also list Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc, it’s up to you.

    Also, if you have any similar blog posts related to Code Maintainability you may also like to give me permission for those.

    To give you a flavour of the book, the draft introduction is shown below.

    Thanks for your time.


    Title: 50 Tips from Experts on How to Write Maintainable Software

    “Get your time back and eliminate those late nights of Pizza and Coke”

    I have been a Software Developer for about 18 years working in very small family businesses and large corporate companies. One of the main things that constantly crops up is how much code appears to be difficult to maintain and enhance.

    If the code that you have written is not maintainable then it will not survive long into the future. It will cause problems for the business that uses the software and inevitably lead to the business spending far more money than they need to.

    Code maintainability covers many areas and it would be difficult for me to explain all the finer points. I have therefore brought together the thoughts of many top experts in the field of code maintainability. By learning from these experts then you will have the best grounding ever in your target of obtaining code that is easy to fix bugs, easy to add functionality, easy to change existing functionality.

    One thing that is important for me is code that is easy to read, I want to be able to look at a class name and have a good idea of what that class does. Likewise, I want to be able to look at a method name and have a good understanding of what it does within the class. That should be easy to achieve, but code that I need to maintain quite frequently fails in this area, how to achieve it will be discussed by aaaaa bbbbb in the section titled nnnnnnn.

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