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New Car

September 30, 2007

Between not being able to purchase anything I couldn’t carry home and increasing annoyance with mediocre public transportation, I finally bit the bullet. 15 months in Cupertino without a car were enough. Yesterday morning, I picked up my new Honda Civic Hybrid with Navigation.

It feels surprisingly good just driving around. I had expected it to be a bit strange with so much time out of the driver seat, but that’s not been the case. And to the extent that I can be giddy, I am giddy about my newfound ability to get from place-to-place with ease. Trips that used to take over an hour by bus are now measured in minutes.

I’m also loving the navigation system. I’m pretty good with directions, but the navigation system lets you turn off your brain. Plus, I’m a bit of a statistics freak when it comes to traveling. I used the lap timer on my watch to keep track of travel time vs. pit stop time on family trips. Between the navigation and the hybrid statistics, that itch is scratched.