The Sweetest Thing

A couple nights ago, I received The Sweetest Thing from Netflix. I was mildly disappointed – I couldn’t remember why I’d rented it, and was not expecting great things. However, I thought there might be some funny moments, as well as some pleasant sexiness from Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate.

This movie is wicked bad. Truly awful. I made it through about 25 minutes before I gave up on it. Not only was it unfunny, but the Diaz/Applegate sexiness was only mildly pleasant.

If you’d like to challenge your sanity, try to make it beyond my limit. Through herculean effort, I made it to the penis song scene. In this scene, Selma Blair joins Diaz and Applegate at a cafe after bringing a semen-stained dress to the dry cleaners. (Note: the man at the dry cleaners licks the stain to determine its cause) After a moment or two of small talk, the girls and the cafe spontaneously break into a song about penises. And the topper – it wasn’t even a good penis song…


2 Responses to “The Sweetest Thing”

  1. Michael Cornacchoine Says:

    This entry blew me away. Completely unlike you. “Not only was it unfunny, but the Diaz/Applegate sexiness was only mildly pleasant.” nearly made me piss myself. Thank you for indulging my quasi-voyeuristic interest into all that is Sean Kelly.

  2. Sean P. Clark Says:

    Hey man, wicked bad movies = more time for skedit!
    I’ll have no problem skipping this one…

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