Barack Obama is (not) the Antichrist

Things that makes me sad:

  1. That people believe in the antichrist
  2. That some believe it is Barack Obama

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  1. bonnieq Says:

    What a better world it would be if people realized that the antichrist has been around since the Apostles’ days. It is Christ’s church defiled, therefore Revelations great whore Papal Rome and her harlot daughters Pagan and Protestant.

    Personally, I like Barack Obama; but, then, I am color blind, only seeing human beings as unique individuals.

    Love in Christ,
    Truth Seekers and Speakers

  2. Bobby181 Says:

    color blind, that’s unique..

    Are you name blind? Obama/Osama??

    I don’t think he’s the anti* but I’ll be damned if I vote a motherfriggin’ MUSLIM into office!….

  3. Sean Kelly Says:

    He’s a Christian.

  4. April Says:

    this is what is completely confusing : christian,obama,barack, not black not white….actually he is everyone of us : will certainly come with “soul”utions to war and bring peace……
    …and finally 25 years of war ?

  5. Rebecca (Becca) Says:

    The Bible says the Antichrist will be reveled to us at proper time. We shouldn’t be accusing people. Whether or not Obama is the Antichrist, we shouldn’t worry about it at the moment. So let’s not argue about it.

  6. Tracy Says:

    The way things are going with the middle east, the Russia-China-Iran alliance, the rapid global moral decay, and the surge of natural disasters, the time seems right for a guy like Obama to step onto the world stage.

    I say watch out for this guy. Get right with God and start looking up because Jesus is coming soon to pull out his followers.

    You don’t want stick around to find out who the real AC is.

  7. Val Says:

    If there is going to be a falling away first as is indicated in Thesallonians below, then it means that it will be too late when the Church finds out about him. Watch the Christians feel naked when the AC is exposed. This will be horrible.

    I had an experience whereby the very first time I heard him talk, I could feel the Holy Spirit moving in and out of me and telling me is the AC or has the spirit of the AC. This has never happened to me ever before. Scary suff. I could very well be wrong, but let us see and wait. Only time will tell but this makes me vomit. If he is not the antichrist, I will apologise wholeheartedly. If he is, well me and the other beleivers are gonna run, run, run.

    Could he be the beast who demands worship or the one which delegates worship to the others. Don’t know.

    But I see disastor spelled out. Would not be surprised if he ascended to world power before he even tries the presidency at the rate he is going.

    He is a humanist. Much scarier than any Christian crusader or Muslim jihadi.

    Contact me is you can

    “Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, that ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that as God he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. Etc.” (2 Thes. 2:1-12 – KJV).

  8. Val Says:

    I don’t think he is a Muslim any longer. His father-a Muslim Kenyan was-but he turned into an atheist and then his dad died in some terrible accident. I think his dad was really depressed and hurt because of religion. I think Obama has a thing against any fundamentalist religion-be it Muslim or even Christian or Jewish.

    He might persecute the fundamentalist Christians here in the USA who are zealous not in a Holy Way but in a self-righteous, I am holier than thou way. He may mistake them for God’s true body of beleivers who are passionate about the Lord and cling to the Word with full and unremmitting heart.

    I COULD be WRONG. I am just waiting to see how things turn out.

  9. Justin Says:

    You people are crazy. I whole-heartedly respect the Christian Faith, or rather, any faith as long as it doesn’t preach violence. I am not a full follower of anything, not even atheism, so I guess I am an agnostic in this respect, but to take something so seriously as to believe that Barack Obama is the Antichrist? That’s ridiculous. Please, instead of running around, putting fear into the hearts of people, you should instead be focusing on the important morals and values that Christianity can teach us. I think, actually, that this is what faith is, and should be all about.

  10. clifylq Says:


    bonnieq Says:

    Personally, I like Barack Obama; but, then, I am color blind, only seeing human beings as unique individuals.

    Justin Says:

    but to take something so seriously as to believe that Barack Obama is the Antichrist? That’s ridiculous. Please, instead of running around, putting fear into the hearts of people, you should instead be focusing on the important morals and values that Christianity can teach us.




    The Bible predicts two one world leaders or Antichrists who will rule the entire world (Rev 13, Dan 7:8, 11, 23). One will be the main leader, or the Beast, while the other, the False Prophet, will perform miracles and force the world to worship the Beast and his Image.

    Barack Obama and antichrist seem to flow well together. He posseses many of the characteristics depicted in the book of Relevations. He has middle-eastern descent, his name, “Barack”, means “blessed”, he is cunning, and is a powerful speaker. He has considered running for president in 2008. Nostradamus prophesized the name of the antichrist is “Mabus.” This can relate to why Obama is the antichrist. If you write obama+bush, you end up with obamabush. Do you spot “mabus” in the middle?



    George W. Bush/WW3 The Rise of Antichrist



  11. Bobby Says:

    the point is, there is an antichrist, he is in this generation, very seemingly now. Now idk if he’s the anti christ, however i do know that when the anti christ does appear, that he will do great things and perfrom miracles and try to bring peace to all nations. After he does all of this, he will break his promises and his goodness will be all shot to hell and he will bring mighty hell to earth

  12. GT Says:

    look if he is or he is not . the point is that the time has come for everyone to open their eyes and get right with the man upstairs. i belive that each one of us in united states can provent are faith…{clinton} bill never did nothing to wrong where he couldnt run are country, his wife is doing right cause i think bill is right their with her even if we dont see it ,obama i only knw that he is a powerful speeker to me hes coming after the youth cause people 18+ can vote and some are eaily convince, there is alot of proof of the anti* but like a nother blog said we dont want to be wrong.. just read and belive… i shouldnt be telling people what to do but i berly read the bible half my people are christin and the other jahovas witnesses, but i belive in both their talking about one person….look at this big peace meeting coming up, in the bible it do say peace onto nations frist ..if you go to your book store or libeary look for the left behind series their are movies and books it will show and tell you i watched the video befor all this came forth i c whats coming as for obama i dont knw but theirs a lot talk about him, just belive in one person (god) i follow him and many should too..

  13. seanskti Says:

    This post sure brings out the crazies.

  14. maturity Says:

    I actually started reading everyone’s comment by chance, since I was actually running research on some other subject, but I must say… it scares me to know there are so many individual Americans who hold such idealistic beliefs about religion. This whole “Barack is the AC” is the stupidist and most idiodic crap I’ve ever heard. I cannot believe it is never mentioned here that the current president and his cult of money hungry vampires can ever be considered the AC. Wake up people! You know, I’ve read some comments on some of you getting ready for Jesus to come and save all of his followers… if I were you, I’d start evaluating what Jesus would think of you. Stop labeling others and wake up. You make me sick.

  15. ALVIN Says:

    Ive been reading a lot of stuff about the antichrist and barrack obama. that crap about the letters in his name having something to do with the number 666 is retarded. but the guy does have all the traits that the antichrist does in the bible. im not really sure what to believe yet. We just have to wait and see and believe in what you think is the truth. and just go with that.

  16. Lynn Says:

    I can’t believe anyone in the United States of America would support and/or vote for a candidate with the middle name “Hussein” and the last name that rhymes with “Osama.” I’m embarrassed and ashamed as an American.

  17. Elaine Says:

    I did a search on Obama and anti christ because I was becoming increasingly alarmed about the blind faith that people seem to be placing in his candidacy.

    Obama claims to be a Christian, and I can accept that because it’s up to God not me to determine who is and who is not. What bothers me is the perversion of biblical principles that Obama spouts. There is just enough truth in what he says to confuse people who are not familiar with their bibles.

  18. Joshua Says:

    Of COURSE he’s the antichrist! He’s a democrat! J/K. But seriously, maybe he is the antichrist, maybe he isn’t. The point is you can’t REALLY know who the antichrist is until he/she reveals him/herself. Heck, I could be the antichrist *makes mean face*. If anything, calling this guy the antichrist is a compliment. It speaks of his natural charisma and ability to lead others. Those are qualities that the antichrist will have… supernaturally so. To suggest that this guy could be the AC is to compliment his talents. And of course there is the popular (if not very well founded belief) that the Antichrist will, in the beginning, be a great humanitarian, and the most beloved leader ever seen. I would like to be that, if I could skip the whole Antichrist thing.

    Here’s a though, maybe Obama ISN’T the antichrist, maybe he is some totally innocent guy who has very similar qualities (leadership, wisdom, charisma), that God put here to get us used to people with these qualities so that when the REAL antichrist comes, we will all be fooled! *duhn duhn DUH!*.

    Hey, I won’t say whether or not I think he’s the big AC, but either way it doesn’t matter. It is not your knowledge of who the AC is or not that will save you. It is your faith in Jesus, how you act on that faith, and the forgiveness of your sin through him. Booyah!


  19. ashleigh Says:

    of course he is going to say that he is a christian, hes running for office! everyone needs to open there eyes and realize that this man is a muslim he was raised that way!

  20. ashleigh Says:

    one more thing- why in the world would we ever in a million years want a president who does not support our county’s principals and foundation. i understand that people are way more liberal now than they were many years ago- but a president who will not support our flag! your fore fathers faught very hard that we would even have the option to vote- and we are being so stupid- this man does not salute, or even merely stare out our flag while it is being presented! oh yeah this is certainly who i want running my counrty! a TERRORIST!

  21. Request to remain anonymous Says:

    I was searching the internet for references of the Bible’s Revelations and how Obama fits them, and found these postings. I don’t agree with everything posted here, and I don’t know if this is the best list to post my opinion, I only just found it on Google. But I would like to speak. I just wanted to say, If Obama wins the presidency (and I feel he will, I don’t know why, but feel it strongly), then I do believe the 7 years of peace prophesized in Revelations will begin. Think about it, America is unfortunately rather hated around the world, Muslim religion is the biggest religion in the world, Obama, Christian or not, has Muslim connections in his past. I’m not anti Muslim by the way, but certainly am anti ‘violent extremist’ in regards to any religion, and the ‘violent extremist Muslims’ are the primary problem in regards to world peace. What then, do you think these extremist Muslims will do when they see Obama is been elected as president of America, a man with connections to their faith, a man with skin similar…well, I think they will certainly be open for the first time, to listen to him speak…and, he is a brilliant speaker…again, as prophesized. As such, I think this will certainly be an opening for world peace. To then, fit the prophecy, I would think Obama will be re-elected for a second term…and in his final year the 7 years of world peace will end, and the truth will be seen. To me, world peace sounds so wonderful that I dare look forward to it, however I do believe as the Bible teaches, that it will only be for 7 years. The Bible tells that at the end of the 7 years of peace the horrible suffering starts for those that did not believe before, but believe finally at that point, the Bible also tells, believers presently, will not be here to suffer the horrible things to come at the end of that 7 years. It seems, that Revelations is already been unfolding for sometime (I look around…and I see total chaos, total decay of peoples morals, the earths resources abused and falling down, technology being used in a negative way and just exploding exponentially…and those in politics – I see them mostly as more evil then good – so many dirty secrets are hidden by those in power), so I guess we should watch and see if Obama wins, if he does, then it only confirms what we are already seeing. As such, hold tight to your kids, love them, teach them the truth, let them know not to be scared, teach them to ask Jesus into their heart and comfort them in the knowledge that there is Heaven and we will go there. Go about your business, as the Bible tells you too, this is in God’s hands, not ours, let him be in charge, your heart, should it see this, should be calm, the time is here, don’t fight it, but do be aware and face it bravely, standing with God till you are called home.

  22. sib Says:

    This is xenaphobia to the extreme. If he was all white none of you people will be accusing him of being the AC…cause lets face facts here Bush Jr. is the AC lol

  23. stephanie Says:

    I do not think that Obama is the antichrist that will have the false prophet and will cause the world to take a mark in their hand or forehead. He can not be ….THis one comes from a revived roman empire and his name will equal 666.

    But, it is alarming that he will not salute the flag. he will not say one nation under God. He will not place his hand over his heart when the national athem is played.

    I do not understand why people would vote for one that has muslim background and acts this way. This is hatered for us. it causes division.
    It is so odd. something is blinding the people. There must be some reason for it….?

  24. stephanie Says:

    It has Nothing to do with His COLOR !!!!!!!!
    THink !!!!! it is the issue !!!!!!!!!

  25. roger a Says:

    i believe obama will be the next president…why!..because the american public will vote him in muslim or not…antichrist or not…he could be satan himself…. and he will make the whitehouse…after all they voted for bush, and look what he did!! went to war..with 2 country’s no less…destroyed the economy…and was clueless when new orleans went under…so what did the american public do…..RE-ELECT HIM!! talk about stupidity!!

  26. Brittany Says:

    The end will come soon. There are quite a lot of evidence about the year 2012. Its all fitting into its place. The end will come soon, and we must all be saved in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Read John 3:3. It tells all about how Jesus explains that you must be born again in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Thank you for you time.

  27. Todd Says:

    This is a very interesting and entertaining thread. It is fascinating to me that there is so much interest in the Anti-Christ even amount apparent non-believers.

    I do not know or presume to know if Obama is the anti-Christ or not, however I do know that he is NOT a Christian regardless of what he or anyone else would have you believe. How do I know this? When he was elected to the Senate, he took the oath of office on a Koran. Now for me, this simple fact disqualifies him for consideration for my vote. It really has nothing to do with his race or even his politics. His Muslim faith demands he show no respect to the US flag or recite the pledge of allegiance: as a Muslim he must show allegiance only to Allah.

    Does he fit the description of the Anti-Christ? Here are a few charicteristics of the Anti-Christ according to scripture.

    He will be a political leader of tremendous appeal.

    His rise to power will be swift.

    He is a man of great ambition but he will appear a first to be humble and perhaps even reluctant to seek power.

    He will appear to believe in God however in the end his religion will prove to be false.

    He will deceive the majority of the world’s population.

    He will be charismatic.

    He will attain power through the promise of peace.

    He will broker a peace agreement with Israel. (Presumably between Israel and the Muslim nations.) Thus he will deceive even God’s on chosen people.

    It does seam that he will arise from a re-formed Roman Empire, however it is worth considering that the United States did loosely pattern its government after the pre-imperial Roman republic system of government. Even our nation’s governmental buildings have s distinctly Roman architectural style.

    His will eventually attain absolute global power and will rule for 7 years. His promise of peace will last only 3 ½ years, after which his true character will be revealed. By that time it will be too late and the entire world with the exception perhaps of a religious remnant in Israel and a few Christians’ will be completely loyal to him. He will then wage war against any who oppose him.

    At some point in his reign, he will receive an injury that will appear fatal. ( I believe this is a physical injury but it my be a political one.) He will recover from this injury in such a miraculous way as to convince the nations of the earth that he is Divine, and he will claim himself to be God and demand to be worshiped.

    Some claim that George W. Bush is the Anti-Christ. While is ineptness as a leader and failures as a president cannot be argued, he clearly does not fit the description of the Anti-Christ as he as wage war through out his presidency. Does Barack Obama fit the description? Only time will tell.


  28. Sean Kelly Says:

    Obama did not swear in on the Koran. That was Keith Ellison.

  29. Todd Says:


    You are correct and I stand corrected. The alligation that he was sworn in using a Koran seams to have come from the Clinton campain in an apparent smear attempt. The fact is that it is unknown what book he used however his campain claims it was his personal Bible.

  30. Kim Says:

    It seems a pity that we might judge someone to be a poor future president, or even the antichrist, based on their ethnicity (e.g. clifylq), name (many examples of this in these postings), the religion of their parents (or even their own religion, for that matter), or the country of origin of their parents.

    Galatians 3:27-29
    27for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. 28There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. 29If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

  31. Todd Says:


    It seems to me that the majority of the people in this country support a candidate for just those reasons you mention. It really does not matter whether it is Obama, Hillary, or one of the many white protestant males in the race. Most people really have no idea what the candidate has done or supported in the past, or even what they support now. They simply vote based on race, gender, religion, or ideology. I saw an interview on the street several months ago where passers by were asked who they were going to vote for and why. When asked for example why a particular person was supporting Clinton the unanimous answer given was “Because she is a woman… it’s time we elect a woman as president.” I am not picking on Clinton; similar answers were given for the other candidates as well. Now I am not saying that anyone should not vote for a candidate based on their gender or race etc. but by the same token it is no reason to vote for them either.

    The fact is that neither party is presenting us with a person who is well qualified to be President. That is a shame because in the end it means that we will just have more of the same.

    I do believe however, that a person’s religion is relevant. For instance, if you are a Christian, it is unimaginable that you would support an atheist. By virtue of their religion (or lack of) they would by necessity have a very different world view than a Christian would. The same would be true of a Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, etc.

    As for Barak Obama or anyone else for that matter being the Anti-Christ; the discussion really is nonsense. We cannot possibly know who the Anti-Christ is until he is revealed (Read 2 Th 2:1 – 8). It is not likely that it is Obama or anyone else on the world stage at the moment.

    I am struggling to see where the passage from Galatians 3 has any relevance to this discussion. In this passage, Paul is exclusively speaking to Christians about Christians. Specifically, there were Christians of that day (and today as well) who hold to a theology of legalism. They demanded that other Christians be circumcised, adhere to the Jewish dietary laws etc. He is stating that no matter you background, age, gender, or status, you are free from condemnation under the Mosaic Law and equal in God’s eyes. This has nothing to do with how we as Christians are to view peoples of other faiths nor by what criteria we select our leaders.

  32. Dee Says:

    I found this very interesting to read because we have a freedom of speech, even if it may sound silly to a degree. We’re all entitled to our opinions. However, after reading the many blogs I think it’s important to keep our eye on the truth and that’s that Jesus is coming back (maybe sooner than later & maybe not any time soon)! So if spiritually you’re not hot or cold, but instead lukewarm… it’s time to make a decision! If Obama is the AC there’s nothing none of us can do about it, so why fear the thought. It’s already been written, so you better know it shall come to pass. As for me and my family we will continue to praise and serve God and give him the Glory. Don’t fear, don’t fight but lean on his unchanging words! God bless

  33. Brad Says:

    I don’t know if Obama is the antichrist or not but I have considered it and he does scare me. I consider myself a good christian who reads alot including the bible. I am not perfect and have a lot of work and learning yet to do. The 1st time I saw Obama, he scared me, theres something about him that makes me feel threatened. Many have been thought were the antichrist and I am not so sure it has to be only 1 person. Adolph Hitler, Ronald Reagen, both had 6 syllables in all three of their names. Reagan ruined America’s economy forever busting the unions which weren’t all bad, As far as that goes, the republicans have sent all our good jobs overseas and still people vote them back in. I like what Hillary stands for as far as healthcare. I am disabled and until recently when I won my disability social security appeal, i was unable to buy my prescriptions and I am a single father raising 2 kids. Thats a horrible feeling being I was once a professional. I think Hillary will help keep this from happening so much but she’s still for the upper middle class. When Bill Clinton was president he really did straighten the economy out and there were lots of jobs but he just gets bad mouthed over his sexual problems. Anyway really enjoyed reading everyones posts and I hope people research the candidates and we vote in the best candidate for our futures. I still have more research to do before I vote but it will definitely not be for Obama. Thank You

  34. Kim Says:

    Im glad that smart people realize that this Obama is the antichrist is rhetoric of the absurd. Frightened peop

  35. Dane Says:

    I just want to start off by saying I am a 23yr old half black half white male. I believe in God but have always struggled with my feelings on religion and the bible. I haven’t been to church in years but I still feel I know a good deal about the bible because my stepdad is a fanatic. It’s a terrible world we live in and I fight the temptations we have surrounding us everyday. Anyways, in what I’m about to say about Obama it is in no way to try and get people to vote one way or another. I could care less. I have never voted and never will. I will have no part in helping decide what person we have run this country.

    So having said all that…the first time I ever heard or seen Obama was on Oprah a year or two ago.It was before he declared his run for office. Watching this guy speak was one of the wierdest experiences I’ve ever had. I have never in my life thought in my head someone in particular could be the antichrist. After hearing him speak I instantly had this huuuge spirtual feeling come over me and everything in my heart told me this is the AC. I’ve always hated politics and think the goverment is full of sin and deceit. I always turn the channel if I see politicians, because I really don’t care what they have to say. But every word Obama spoke drew me in. ME! Sucked in! I was in a trance watching him. I’ve never seen such a smooth talker in politics. Saying everything perfect and appealing to all political parties. The next day I went to work and started telling people about Obama. Everyone pretty much thought I was crazy, most people hadn’t even heard of him yet. I told them all if he ever did run for president and win then he would indeed be the AC.

    Next thing ya know…guess who decides to run for president!? At first a lot of people laughed at the idea of someone named Obama ever being president. But then he started givin speeches…amazing speeches, that got alot of peoples attention. I get chills everytime I see him on t.v. or in magazines. He has the charisma and the character to get pretty much the entire world to love him. Which really scares the shit out of me! I see under all that though. I feel like I can see the evil hiding behind that seemingly “perfect” persona of his. Nothing seems right with this guy, not his past, his family, his bringing up, his fathers death, his religious front. I do also agree with one of the previous postings I saw on here, that said he will miraculously survive an assasination attempt. Who wouldn’t want a president who u can’t mess with! See I think Obama will do great things, amazing things. I think he will bring peace in the Middle East for a few years (an impossible task) and that is why the world will love him. But it will be all through the power of evil and he will eventually unmask himself and say what his real motives are.

    I hope to God I’m wrong because I don’t want to see the end of time in me or my familys life. I’m afraid though it is all coming to an end folks. The signs are clear. Everyday I see society getting worse and worse. Teenagers are having sex younger and younger now a days. The porn industry is freakin HUUUUGE and now its almost to the point where if you DON’T watch porn something is wrong with you. Sex sales you see it everywhere. You can’t even watch a Pizza commercial without them throwing something sexual in there. Divorce rates are at its highest ever. Damn near every country is at war with someone. The obsession with money, power, and greed has gotten to everyone. I just feel like this world is deteriorating. It’s sad how over the last 50 yrs we all forgot how to instill the important values into our children. And now we are seeing the affects of it.

    I feel so many of us have been consumed by the sinful ways of the world. As punishment many of us will be cast down into hell. A handful of us will get to see heaven and I sure hope I’m one of them. I do know I need get right with God again and make sure my family does the same before its too late. I hope you are all ready because the time IS near….

    Thanks and sorry this is so LOOOOOOOOONG! lol

  36. amy Says:

    Well I think just like Barack Obama, that you are blind. But who am I to judge, however Barack Obama is the anti-christ. He will get elected and by the end of his term in year 2012 the world will end. It’s coming people, everything is in place, and if he doesn’t get elected, then you can say I was wrong, in which I hope I am, but I know I’m right. In the bible it says that the beast will have a dark complexion, he will speak of such blasphemies such as the one’s Barack speaks of. Take a look at some of these equations.
    Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist. The number of the Beast is 666.

    Barack: 6 letters
    Hussein: 7 letters
    Obama: 5 letters

    Take all permutations of 5,6,7 (3! = 6):
    Sum them (3996), divide by total number: 3996/6=666
    Barack Hussein Obama was born in 1961=1998-37=666×3-666/(6+6+6).

    Revelations 13:18=(6+7) : (6+7+5): “If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666.”
    Nostradamus prophesied “Mabus” would either be the Antichrist, or the forerunner to the true Antichrist. Obama+bush=obamabush.
    Nostradamus set the year 2012 as the end of the world. The Mayan calendar comes to an end in 2012. Obama’s presidency would end in 2012!
    The Antichrist would be pro-abortion. Obama is pro-abortion.
    The Antichrist will be a charismatic world leader. Obama seeks to become a charismatic world leader.
    A simple word play on this phonetically ironic name will generate Barack=Iraq, Hussein=Saddam (Hussein), Obama=Osama (Bin Laden).

  37. Edie Says:

    If Obama is the Anti-Christ (or the little beast) it’s all in God’s hands. God is in command of all things and he’s the boss. We all need to trust him and ask him to lead us to Salvation. We should all be asking ourselves what each one of us is doing to be better human beings and to help those in need like the homeless, the less fortunate, the orphans, the widows, the sick, etc?

  38. Ariel Says:

    Even if he isn’t elected he will still find some way into power and he IS the Anti-christ. And like Amy said, the Mayan calendar ends in 2012!! And his term ends in 2012!! Believe me!! Either way, the world will end in 2012.

  39. seanskti Says:

    I don’t know if you all are trolls or if you really believe this silliness. Some points:

    Dane, based on the travel warnings from the State department, 13 countries out of 193 could be considered war zones, and most of those are internal conflicts between the government and rebels. Hardly “damn near every country”. Also, there is nothing inherently wrong with sex or pornography.

    Amy, one can come up with numbers to fit any possible conclusion. Coincidence does not make a proof. Also, why would you assume the anti-christ would be pro-abortion? Even with your extraordinarily low standards of proof, there is no evidence that that would be the case.

    Revelations is the barely readable ravings of a lunatic. Its predictions are generally non-falsifiable and therefore meaningless. The author provides no justification for his claims. The book was made canonical by the skin of its teeth by an arbitrary council of church leaders. Its legitimacy has been debated by theologians ever since. Luther, for example, put it into his Antilegomena. Sane people don’t pay it any attention.

    Date and time systems are entirely arbitrary. The Mayan calendar can be extended indefinitely by adding more digits. Further, the calendar is cyclical. The current cycle ends in December of 2012, whereupon a new cycle will begin.

    Nostradamus says in his preface that his prophecies extend until 3797. It would kind of inconsistent for him to then say that the world will end in 2012. In fact, I couldn’t find any direct mention of 2012. Only interpretations that fixated on 2012 for hand-wavy reasons.

    Finally, while there will be an election in 2012, the winner would not take office until 2013. Obama would therefore serve from 2009 until 2013 or 2017 should he be elected.

  40. Matt Says:

    I too have watched Obama and had an uneasy feeling that I couldn’t explain. It is too early to tell, but I have the feeling if he gets elected we are in for some change, and it won’t be good.

  41. Soul23 Says:

    This is ludicrous…I mean we finally get a candidate that is making sense in every logical aspect and some of you think he is the antichrist??? What the hell ?? Antichrist….look leave your sci fi…religious…racist and uneducated thoughts in a pile of cow doo doo..and hope that it fertilizes the earth and seeds into something more fruitful! Do you understand these are the many reasons why the world thinks AMERICANS=MS NORTH CAROLINA…and the ignorant one that makes a comparison to OBAMA/OSAMA..and concludes he is Muslim….pls get rid of a 5 bottles of laxatives and drink them down with expired Milk and hope your shitty ideas come oozing out…if your analysis of something like that is this insane…i want to see what you really think the bible is telling you. I bet you think it’s a coloring book BAMA!. Sorry about all the anger but people common…grow up!!! Keep the book of revelations out of politics…the only thing it reveals are fools….and am an AFRICAN and SO WHAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….GOD GAVE ME THIS COLOR>>>BUT I AM SO GLAD HE DID NOT GIVE ME STUPIDITY MORONS …… FOCUS ON THE ISSUES FOLKS!!!!!

  42. Joey Says:

    You people surely realize the every generation of people that has lived since the time of the bible believed the world was going to end during their life. Do you really think that you are any different than the millions of idiots that came before you thinking just as you do? The world would be much better off without religion.

  43. shaun Says:

    baraka is the anti christ my hes gona be next president and revelation will come to past he is a great decectionist he has a dragon tongue

  44. Zephaniah Says:

    “You people surely realize the every generation of people that has lived since the time of the bible believed the world was going to end during their life. Do you really think that you are any different than the millions of idiots that came before you thinking just as you do?”

    Yes. Because the key is that 1948 is the beginning of the Fig Tree generation. The Final generation as Christ said. When Judah (the Jewish) peoples were returned to Jerusalem for the 1st time in over 2000 years, the final generation began.

    By the way, barak means “lightning” in Hebrew…which is exacly what Christ said about Satan (AntiChrist):
    Luke 10:18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

  45. Sean Kelly Says:

    Zephaniah, you make two unsupported assumptions:

    First, that the New Testament accurately describes the sayings of Jesus and has been accurately preserved and translated. Second, that Jesus spoke with any authority.

    Beyond that, your interpretation of the parable is too specific. You are adding a connection that does not exist. In the New Testament, Jesus was speaking about all trees, not just fig trees. The analogy was about budding leaves indicating the coming of summer, as the signs he mentioned would indicate his imminent return. Nothing specific about figs.

    Finally, imagery in the Bible is hardly consistent. Simply because Jeremiah uses figs to symbolize Israel does not mean that Jesus was referring to Israel by mentioning a fig tree.

    I like the lightning thing though. Jesus would likely have been speaking Aramaic though, not Hebrew.

  46. Anthony Says:

    shaun and lynn are stupid.

    everybody should listen to alvin.

  47. Katie Says:

    I fear like I’ve never feared before. I think its essential to stop worrying about the future and focus on the present. Try and change fate and open our eyes and see that our country and other countries have already led to distruction. It’s time to pray for our brothers and sisters and time to make a difference, by helping with world hunger and poverty and the diseases. We should open our eyes and look up to the heavens and just pray. If this is how its supposed to be, then lets not question and just accept it. As difficult as it is for me to say that, its true. Only Jesus Christ our Savior and God know what our future beholds… so I say as a distraction from complaining and worrying, we should do right, right wrongs, and live. <3

  48. Jovah Says:

    Stop,stop,all these allegations,permutations,anagrams about Sen.Barrack Obama are BULLSHIT.In order for Obama to be ( Proper Title ) MAN OF SIN he has to be able to perform great and devious miracles and he has to be a JEW.Not a christian or musilim,unless he converts to Judaesim by 2012.My God but I’ve read some GOD awful crap about Obama and him being the Antichrist.Oh yea did anyone ever wonder about that the Antichrist has to come from a NEW INDEPENTENT Country or state,thought not.I know,I Know he is sliver tongued,mesmerising and magnetic to look at and definetly has truck loads of talent more than all the previous presidents except FDR and JFK put together.But I assure you he is not the Antichrist.If he was he would have beaten Clinton easily in the primaries on Super Tuesday last.He will come periliously close to beating her but it won’t be enough.Hillary Clinton has all the super delegates in her pocket.So he is not going to win the nomination,therefore he will run again in 2012.

  49. Joshua Says:

    Jovah says, “Oh yea did anyone ever wonder about that the Antichrist has to come from a NEW INDEPENTENT Country or state,thought not.”

    Jovah, the United States is one of the youngest countries presently, being not much more than 200 years old. We are a baby country, though super powerful, really. Think about that.

    Todd, Galatians 3 was mentioned by Kim because Barack claims to be christian, and therefore Galatians 3 would absolutely apply, because who are we to judge his salvation, unless his faith is completely fruitless. I have no evidence either way.

  50. URSULA Says:

    I believe Barack Obama is the Antichrist.
    All of the signs are there. It is obvious. If not, how do you explain so many people following him and being mesmerized by his eloquent speeches and his candor. He speaks with such ease, he wants change and peace. He has risen to fame and power over night and has hypnotized so many people.

    He gets so much money to run his campaign. How could we explain how he raised $32,000,000 in one month. He as the new sensation. He is getting so much media attention is not even funny anymore.
    He has managed to entrance white, blacks, Hispanics and all with a few years in the Illinois senate.
    When he won his senate nomination, he did not have much opposition. He was not challenged.

    Now he is has even the Republicans changing parties. He is also preaching he will unite our nation. This means that he wants to unite all of the political parties as a sign that he can be a world leader.

    At this moment, he is getting very close to Clinton. He has more pledged delegates and less than 100 delegates is what is between them.

    He has the Democratic movement organization called “” selecting him for the democratic nomination and if you check out their website, they have raised so much money for him just in the month of February alone.

    Google has over 37,000 searches on yahoo alone with the words “Barack Obama Antichrist”. I know because I have been doing so much research on this guy and I have not been able to find anything negative about him, just that he smoked pot in the past. But when that was revealed the public did not pay much attention. They embraced his honesty.

    How can you explain a Politician to have nothing negative about him? With the exception that he is pro-choice. But every democrat is pro-choice.

    In my heart, in my soul and in all my being, I feel this man is really the Antichrist. He is not sincere. Some people argue that he cannot be the Antichrist because he is married and has two daughters. But that is just a front. He knows America is a conservative nation and would not accept him not being married and having a family. By him having a family is what makes him blend in with us. That is why he has been able to deceit so many people.

    A blogger said that we cannot do anything about this man if the Holy Scriptures are coming to past. It is true, we cannot do anything about it. We cannot stop it, but as long as we are aware of who he is and what his intentions are, then we will not be one of those people who will follow him. I am happy I found this blog because it gives me hope and also brings some clarity to my life since I thought I was going crazy and feared telling someone about this man stands for.

    I have read the Left Behind books and have to tell you that those books gave me such comfort in believing that Jesus, our Savior will be coming to establish his reign for ever and will destroy the beast.

    This blog should be used as a way to support on another for what awaits us.

    I have a feeling he will win the nomination for the Democratic party and will win the presidency since John McCain is not the smartest person in the world. He will win with flying colors. We already know he won in 19 states. And if Florida and Michigan vote again, then chances are that he will win there too and get the majority of the delegates.

    Somehow he has a way of getting his desires fulfilled. Also, since the delegates and super delegates so not have to vote for the candidate they pledged for. Chances are that many of Clinton’s followers will voe for him if the matter goes to the convention in Colorado, in August.

    Thank you for your attention.

  51. Sean Kelly Says:

    Please do not use my blog as a rallying point for your idiocy or to shore up your foolishness with the foolishness of others. Americans are hungry for an eloquent, charismatic, intelligent leader after eight years of the opposite. That explains his popularity without supernatural influence. I’ve left comments open so far because your general lunacy is entertaining, but my patience is waning.

  52. URSULA Says:

    Sean Kelly:
    I apologize for inconveniencing you. I did not think my comments would offend you. Please accept my sincere apologies.

  53. Sean Kelly Says:

    I’m not offended, just tired of the ludicrous.

  54. GodBlessAmerica08 Says:

    Let me start by saying this…I am not an Obama supporter whatsoever, but it was he who made me this way. The first time I saw him on TV and her said “join the movement” , I felt my heart sink. What exactly is ‘the movement?” I quiver at the answer. Well, last night I got on one of his supporter websites just to state my opinion, and the I got a good lynching. One guy named Soloman wrote about a page that scared the s*** out of me. It sounded like it was coming from Satan himself. I am not stretching this out guys, it was creepy. I had to pray about it and I really feel that this the end times. Soloman basically said that the heavens will open up and rain fire on me for speaking ill of “President Obama” the appointed one from from God. It said that I should watch where I sleep and where I walk for I am going to get the wrath of God on me. It also said that I will burn in hell for speaking of the leader of the people in a negative manner. Let me tell you what people, My Holy Savior and God is my protector and Lord of Lords, and what will come to pass will come whether we believe Obama is the AC or not. I am now strengthening my relationship with God and putting all my trust in him. I am not a fortune teller so I do not know what will happen, but I do know that Obama does have people brainwashed and that letter I got last night on the blog did it for me. Take heed and do not let ignorance be your excuse. Find a good Bible based church and let the blessings of God be poured upon you. Thank God I was raised in Church and I know what signs to look for…I think things are coming to pass. For those of you who think I am crazy…time will tell and I pray that you will not be left behind. God Bless and I hope I am wrong about this, but either way I am embracing The Lord.

  55. GodBlessAmerica08 Says:

    BTW- When I responded to this guys threats of death by saying that it sounds like he is rallying for the AC- my whole blog was deleted. What does that tell u? Scary stuff.

  56. URSULA Says:

    GodBlessAmerica08 or anyone else:
    Do you know where we can find another blog, where we can offer support to each other who believe that the of times is near.? Sean Keys does not want us to use his blog
    “as a rallying point for your (our) idiocy or to shore up your (our) foolishness with the foolishness of others.


  57. matt Says:

    Obama!!! Right now there is no proof that he is the AC… If he is then he is there nothing anyone can do to avoid the inevitability of the end of the world.
    But me I’m probably gonna end up voting for him if wins the Democratic primaries. Heres why, he is honestly the best candidate there, and I cannot base my vote on something he may or may not be, right now he’s trying to end the war (which I support for personal reasons), he has a good health care policy, nobody has a good immigration deal, but his seems decent enough, mostly though I’m for the end of this war we’re in because we really shouldn’t be there. I mean all in all hes the best candidate they have running this year. And while yes in the back of my head there is the possibily that he is the AC, but there is no proof to back up those accusations, so right now he has my vote.

  58. Pattie Says:

    Obama is a poser. If people would just read the books he wrote, they would see that. If after reading his books you still think he should be commander and chief the you need some serious mental help! He is and always will be a MUSLIM. How in the world can anyone in their right mind vote for someone so sneaky? He thinks he can just step into being the president without any accomplishments, without paying any dues? How dare he! I would really like to know how anyone could vote for someone who wants to get rid of minimum sentences, give illegals drivers licenses and a few other nonsense things? He has not once said what he would change except for blacks. He is not even really an african american. He is half white and born in Hawaii. He goes to an all black church to cover up his being a muslim. He belongs to black clubs and orgs. He voted no on 151 issues as he had no understanding of the issues.. He will bankrupt the country quicker then a blink of an eye. He had a slip of the tongue that i guess people didn’t hear, he said, “WE WILL TAKE OVER”..No one but blacks will ever benefit from his presidency. He will make sure whites never have power again, trust me. He has got to be the worst choice for a president ever. READ HIS BOOKS!!! Before you make a big big mistake! A WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING!!! I truely believe anyone who votes for him is ignorant and illiterate!!!

  59. Sean Kelly Says:

    OK, that’s enough. Comments off.

Comments are closed.

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